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Our Impact.


Kids  First, Foremost and Always.

Flaherty Fight Club Projects


Our vision at The Flaherty Impact Foundation is a future where no child is left behind, where their dreams are nurtured, and their potential is realized, regardless of their economic and physical conditions. We might continue to fight to enable disadvantaged youth to achieve their full potential in life.

We envision a world where children in need are not defined by their circumstances but are instead empowered by a community that believes in their worth and invests in their health, wellbeing, and future. Through strategic partnerships, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication, we aim to be a catalyst for positive change, creating a ripple effect that transforms the lives of children and the communities they belong to.

Ongoing Projects

Be an IMPACT Warrior!


Any donation of $10,000 or more includes an invitation to our private, annual board meeting in Lake Tahoe next summer to discuss and understand the progress and impact of your donation with the Founders and CEOs of the charities we support.


100% of donations to the Flaherty IMPACT Foundation will go direct to families of youth in need including the following charities this year:

Mychal’s Learning Place
Kids Helping Kids Sacramento
Fostering Success and Significance
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Our Partners

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